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The safest monophasic HA-Filler in the world.

Customer fears regarding long-term safety and unnatural results stand in the way of shining customers that become ambassadors of your work. With e.p.t.q. (pronunciation: epitique), you can easily create safe and beautiful results.

The features.

Safe, Efficient and Effective.

World’s safest filler.

Lowest modification degree under monophasic HA-fillers for the highest long-term safety and customer attraction.

Easy treatments.

Unequaled fine particle size for controlled injections, easy molding of fillers and quicker results.

Natural reliable results.

Balanced and differentiated rheology for reliability, natural results and blissful customers.

The three fillers.

A kind for every zone.

The e.p.t.q. line consists of three fillers. e.p.t.q. S100 with excellent spread for sensitive zones and the correction of fine lines. e.p.t.q. S300 with balance between flexibility and lifting for expressive zones and deeper lines. e.p.t.q. S500 with high lifting capacity for contouring and volume creation.

Try e.p.t.q. out.

Would you like to attract more customers more eaily and create reliable and natural results? Then fill in the form to try out samples of e.p.t.q. and experience the fillers for yourself.

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